Chanshal Pass 2013

The Chanshal Pass/ Chanshal Valley links Dodra Kwar and Rohru in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The pass sits atop the Chanshal Peak, which at 3,750 metres and is thus the highest road in the Shimla district.

The final strecthes of road to chanshal are rin real bad condition. Every single km will make a point that do you wanna continue or quit. But We falcons are no quitter’s so km by km we climbed and reached the chanshal pass in 2013. The views were majestic and snow walls all around in last few kms. The wind was so chill that even in gloves our hands were freezing and it was even difficult to press the shutter button on camera. We advise that winds are so strong that it can uproot you sometimes so dont go near edge of mountains. Its a unique experience which we loved.

There is no accommodation available in Chanshal valley and there are no shops. The nearest place to stay is Larot, around 20 km from Chanshal valley Best time to visit chanshal pass would be June – September.

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