Shinku LA 2016

shinku la

The Climb was never ending and so was our spirits!! This will be soon a new gateway for Zanskar !! This Adventure tested our machines and spirit to max !! Watch all the episodes now >>

SHINKU LA is one of the newest pass in himalayas which was opened in 2015 by BRO. It connects the mighty zanskar to Himachal. From Darcha around 40 kms lies the mighty shinku LA which goes towards Padum in Zanskar Valley.

Earlier there was only one route to reach padum in Zanskar Valley which is from Kargil via Rangdum. This new route is also strategicaly important as to reach kargil and drass one should not be entierly dependent on Zojjila pass. The Road from darcha towards Shinku La are great for first 10-12 kms , after that its complete off-road. The climb is steep and to be honest its one of the craziest climb compared to even mighty Marsimic La. It just keeps going up and up. Vistas are amazing all around and its complete pristine beauty. last 20-30 kms there is nothing not even a soul on the route accept a small BRO camp just 10 kms before the top. In october all water crossing were frozen and one has to really breake that ice to move forward on motorcycle. At 16,500FT shinku la do feels like 18,000+ FT.

There is no accommodation available around Shinku LA. Nearest place for accommodation is Darcha. It’s new route so dont know exactly what’s the best time to go there buy I suggest that September/October is best time to visit.

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