Digvijay Singh (Founder)

Phalgun Reddy 

Machismo 500

why do we Ride? We ride to test our limits.We ride to reach the ends of the Earth. Much like the falcon, we ride because we are Falcon Riders.

Gaurav Bedi 

KTM 390

Travel is awesome but bike rides with Falcon Riders is even more awesome. Exploring new places, conquering fears together creates a very strong bond. Even when we return from the trip, we always keep those beautiful memories and there forever.


You can enjoy travelling only when you have good company…who share same passion about it, Falcon Riders is all about that. Crazy people and their love for biking is what I like about this group. Falcon Rider is not about Engine but the Spirit you have ….. As it says “If there is a Spirit .. I Ride it!”



Being Falcon Rider is not about riding only, morethan that. It feels like I have an extended family which includes my fellow riders and our rides.



Falcon Riders is my outlet from the world , the daily routine. it’s a group of riders who become very much like minded when they ride. Moving together, stopping together and conquering new altitudes together.


P 220

While for some road trips are all about lLadakh and spiti, and some thinks that their road trip options are forever shrinking and sometimes it seems like there is nowhere left to truly get away from it all. At FalconRiders we are always exploring places off the beaten path – or just barely on it- that retain their allure, simply by virtue of being dificult to reach. Together we have travelled to some of the most remote and beautiful destinations, guaranteed to be spectacular, well preserved and still somewhat …. Mysterious!

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