Ladakh 2009/2011/2014

Its not just the scenic beauty all around the journey which will tickle your senses, its the mystical aura of centuries old monasteries which will guard you and make you realize the beauty of being alive. Leh is not a place to be conquered its like a reward for all the harsh terrain and environment we face on our journey.

Being Leh’ed is an experience of lifetime or a feeling which only a traveler who got Leh’ed can only feel and understand completely. It’s the holy ground for the riders and they respect it and regard it the way it should be.

Imagine experiencing that feeling thrice in a row. Doing a hat-trick of getting Leh’ed is a feeling which our group riders always cherish and always keep planning to go again and again. But we feel, It’s a place that will call you only if it feels you are worth it .

The BRO(Border Road Organization) starts to clear the roads from snow in May, generally from 1st week of June the roads are open to Leh from either Srinagar or Manali. We have seen people going to Leh as late as October, but generally the roads close in October. The best time will be June/July when most riding groups/solo riders try to make their dreams come true, Since this s the time of clear skies and the massive snow walls are visible through the entire journey.

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