Spiti’fied 2015

spiti Vlogs

In 2015 when we went first time to Spiti and we were spellbound by the beauty of it. An accident which could have been turned fatal. and all the great adventure we had on this ride, camping near Losar was a highlight. Watch all the episodes now >>

Spiti – ‘a world within a world’ as described by Rudyard Kipling (of ‘Kim’ fame) – is a relatively unknown world, tucked away in the Trans-Himalayan belt of Himachal Pradesh. Popularly known as Little Tibet, Spiti is nestled in the Himalayan Mountain range in Himachal Pradesh. Accessible only during summer, Spiti is as remote as it gets. Surrounded by mountains and glaciers, villages perched on mountain crests, crystal clear rivers and streams. The beauty of Spiti is spellbound.

The highest village (Komic), the oldest running monastery of India, the amazing most beautifully located Key and Dhankar monastery, amazing locations to pitch your tent for the night, the milky way gazing from naked eyes, the pristine Chandertaal, Us Falcon riders, covered it all but still so much in Spiti that no matter how many more rides we take, they will just not be enough to describe and enliven the magnitude of beauty and freshness of Spiti. With some special permissions we also managed to experience Shipkila and Lachung, the final frontiers of Indo-China border.

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