Sach Pass 2014/2016

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Both times I went to deadly Sach Pass in before I started my YouTube Channel. This is one Pass which do scare you off , surely very soon I will be doing it again. Watch the only episode of videos I shot of early rides >>

Delhi – Chamba – Shore(Sach Pass) – Old Manali – Kasol – Delhi

Winny(P 220) – DJ(Karizma ZMR)

It was damm cold on the top even at afternoon with sun shinning…… The climb was majestic and really really tough!! Tough in sense of your patience, concentration , riding skills and motivation!! ……. The bike was on free flow K/nn Filter and fully synthetic Engine oil from very early age of its life. The first time I saw the difference really when there was a bike with more power struggling then mine while climbing the top.

After Sach pass board we started our journey to the Killar, roads ahead were even in more bad condition.. really really bad. My bike was hit with so many stones I cant remember. But with some amazing beauty around and that amazing feeling of just you and nature kept us going. I was in constant pain with ruptured muscle in my chest and bruised hand and leg from an accident just a day before the trip started… I didn’t disclose much to my family as It was not in the best interest for me ….. but yeah I did….. pain was getting more and more with every single bump but yeah I was getting stronger with every bump coming.. so was Fair for me . Not just a hard day , it was just hardest of all. We had choice to stay at killar but it was just the love of being nomadic and rusty on trips made me go further and wanted to pitch our own tent……. I couldn’t even bend to open my shoes that bad was the pain…. but my biker bro did all the job for me that night ….. I helped in cooking and putting the right numbers on my JBL. Next Day roads were still in bad shape till Tandi, after that things were better and we reached Old Manali late evening.